02 January 2012

Foods to eat in 2012

From the Fooducate blog:
9 foods to eat in 2012

I'll definitely do more sardines. The houmous dip tip I use a lot already combined with yoghurt. So I'll use less olive oil to make it smooth. You can even leave out the tahina (for allergy reasons or just because it's not always easy to find).

30 December 2011

Champagne is the way to go

To go out of the old year and into the new year in style. Let it bubble everywhere and may you have a sparkling new year !

Here are some links you should know about when you are serious about
Champagne cocktails: blog.friendseat.com/champagne-cocktail-recipes and here

And how not to do that at home because it's just a sacrilege to do that with an iPad

20 December 2011

Butter shortage

Good thing I am not living in Norway, what would i do/be without butter ?

14 December 2011

On fait régime !

Une sélection du menu de ce soir :
Salade de grenade, avocat et oignion
Tapenade de carrotte
Mini aubergines farcies au chêvre
Mousse de lapin
Endives caramelisées au melasse de grenade et sésame